What will I do as your wedding planner?

A  wedding planner is like a general contractor.  I will work for you and make sure that you are getting what you want without going to school and gaining experience. That means I will protect your interests by analyzing vendors, maintaining the budget and timeline, being available for consult, designing a doable plan, and coordinating the day of the wedding completely.

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General List of Responsibilities

Find and rent ceremony and reception venues with clients

Create a wedding budget

Create a wedding-day timeline

Recommend wedding professionals that match a couple’s style and budget

Review and negotiate vendor contracts

Manage guest list and RSVP’s

Help select entertianment/music to fit with your wedding

Suggest options for guest favors

Secure accommodation for out-of-town wedding guests

Create seating chart or floor plan for wedding reception

Direct the wedding rehearsal

Accompany couple on wedding vendor appointments

Design wedding look/theme

Oversee all wedding day activities

Fix all manner of problems before they reach you

Produce personalized wedding items

Advise on current etiquette

As the consultant, it is my responsibility to keep the wedding and all the preparations organized, manage all details, be creative, stay on budget, help all parties communicate, and be extremely resourceful.

The day of the wedding, I will be the first to show up to set up. I will have an organized list of everything that needs to be done, this list can run into the hundreds. This will take the stress off of the bride who will be concentrating on getting herself ready and relaxing during her big day. This will also take the stress off the families so that they can enjoy time with the bride/groom and also with the relatives that have come from near and far. Besides taking care of the necessary preparations, I will manage the vendors. If something drastic comes up, like a vendor not showing, I act quickly to best fix the situation. Having experience in setting up and running the wedding is invaluable. And when the wedding is over, I will stay and help the clean up go smoothly with the family.

Before the wedding, when visiting vendors I will be able to ask the questions that will help determine what is appropriate for your wedding- not the vendor’s profit. In the past I have negotiated vendors down hundreds of dollars.

In addition, I will be available to ask questions and get information about what will work best for your wedding. What are the pros and cons of the color choice? Should my cake be buttercream or fondant? Who in the bridal party should get flowers? How can I have a beautiful centerpiece on a budget? How can I set up the tables and make sure that if the fire inspector walks through he doesn’t shut the wedding down for being in code violation? There are thousands of questions that are asked during a wedding. I am hear to answer them in a way that is relevant to you.

Another important task is the event design. I specialize in great looks on a budget. My degree in interior design has prepared me to a professional level to help you create the look you want with use of balance, shape, texture, symmetry, line, and scale.

Wedding consultants do a little bit of everything. If it needs to be done for your wedding-we make sure it happens.

One thought on “What will I do as your wedding planner?

  1. Tara helped my daughter and I plan her wedding in December 2013. It was a beautiful, stress free day. Tara is professional, sweet, thoughtful, cares about your wants/needs. She’s as hands on our of as you want her to be and she’s extremely thorough. She is also a perfectionist so you KNOW, your wedding will be perfect! She did beautiful work in all areas. Thanks again Tara for EVERYTHING!


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