Weekly Inspiration: May 2015 Interior Design Magazine

Weekly Inspiration is a series that will take one inspirational photo and translate it to a wedding (or other special event). Inspirations will be of all types from natural wonders to architecture to feelings to fandoms and everything in between. Sometimes we will even take reader submissions.

This week’s inspiration comes from the cover of Interior Design magazine, May 2015 issue. This space is renovated meeting area for a telecommunications corporation in Milan. Our focus is the bottom half of the picture with the modern wingback chairs and great natural lighting.

So let’s take a look at the concentration area–

Inspiration Piece (2)

The bold color usage paired with the great vertical lines gives us a fun but formal feel for the wedding. The concentration is on the modern but with nods to tradition. Let’s take a look at the bridal party first.


Next up is the ceremony look. Bringing in the natural view from the picture, the ceremony will be on lush lawn with a yellow rose petal aisle, a fun circle flip program, and a pergola draped elegantly in chiffon. Urns on pedestals will frame the beginning of the aisle. With bridal party bring so much navy, it is sparsely used in the decor here.

Ceremony Look

The reception venue will boast large windows, extensive white drapery, and long feasting tables with arrangements of white and yellow tulips in vases adorned with satin navy ribbon. Escort card will be attached to fun pinwheels for a hint of whimsy. White linens with white round plates will have navy spiral napkins perched on top of them. Small yellow roses will accent.

Table Set Up

Treats all the wedding will include a beautiful navy fondant patterned cake with yellow and kelly green accents. Less yellow would appear than the cake in the photo. A blueberry mint cocktail will quench thirst and small mint favors will be passes around after dinner.


That concludes this week’s inspiration. Please leave your thoughts and suggestions below.

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