Comprehensive, Modern Registry Options Guide

There are a lot of registry options out there. But what is it that you need? Click the links below to start exploring the registries you find most interesting.


The first thing you need to evaluate is what you need to start your life together. If you have never lived together before you may need quite a lot of items to run your household from pots and pans to bed sheets.

Houseware staples, at great prices:

Bed, Bath, and Beyond Registry
Target Registry
Walmart Registry
Kohl’s Registry
JC Penny’s Registry
Sears’  Registry

Of the above registries I was able to find all registry incentives for all but Walmart. Registry incentives change often so I recommend looking into the most current perks.
Are you looking for china, thread counts, and trendy styles? Are you looking for lasting furniture options? Check out this assortment department stores and speciality decor stores.

Quality Housewares, Furniture, and Decor:

Restoration Hardware
Williams And Sonoma
Crate and Barrell
Pottery Barn
Sur La Table
West Elm
Neiman Marcus

Registry Honeymoons
Have more stuff than you know what do with? How about a registry to fund your dream honeymoon! These choices are great options, buy make sure to check the fees for each. my personal favorite is Wanderable

HoneyMoon Registries:

Honeymoon Wishes
Traveler’s Joy


Looking for something on the untraditional side? There are plenty of registries to suit your style.

Unique Options:

Etsy: Homemade and vintage products
Best Buy: Sweet electronics and appliances
Just Give to your favorite charity
Michael C Fina: Luxury china, gifts, and jewelry
Tiffany And Co: Luxury accessories, gifts, and jewelry
MOMA Design Store: Art, housewares, jewelry, and books
The Container Store: Ultimate storage solutions for every room
Hatch My House: Build a virtual house and collect funds for a down payment
Tendr: Basically a way to request cash.
Circulon: High quality pots, pans, and kitchen wares

All Inclusive

Does everything above appeal to you? Do you need some housewares and a honeymoon fund? There are some great all inclusive options.

All Inclusive:
        Zola is a great choice for the bride and groom that want a little bit of everything-from honeymoon fund, to housewares, to experiences, to cash giving. Zola offers group gifting so guests can contribute to a large purchases in any amounts and personalized pages. The couple can even exchange gifts online before they arrive. Zola offers a wide offering of brands but not as wide range of products as Amazon.

This is very similar to Zola but you can definitely register for off site products.

               Amazon is a good user friendly choice for both the bride and groom, and the guest. It doesn’t offer the chic layouts that Blueprint and Zola have but it makes up for that with familiarity and ease of use.

                Blueprint is an elegant way to organize your registry. You can explore different rooms to help give you ideas for what you are looking for and register from select stores such as Crate and Barrell, Anthropology, Amazon, and an assortment of boutique stores. Group gifting and cash giving are available.

Still have questions? Do you need a comprehensive, personal evaluation of what might be best for you? Give us a shout!

End Collage

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