Weekly Inspiration: “The Park” by Gustav Klimt

This week’s inspiration comes from the Museum of Modern Art. It is a painting called “The Park” by Gustav Klimt. Gustav Klimt was an Austrian painter heavily influenced by Japanese art methods. He had a tendency to be to erotic which got him in some trouble.

The Park Inspiration
“The Park” specifically has a wonderful combination of abstract and natural elements. Though there is a blue component in this painting, we are going to focus on the green and yellow palette for this wedding. Along with the era this was painted, we will focus on mixing mosaic type elements with natural ones.

Let’s start with the bride’s look. This look was also influenced by the early 1900’s which is the time period “The Park” was painted. The birdcage veil isn’t exactly period but it adds to the mosaic feel we are looking to achieve.

Brides Look

The bridesmaid look relies on vertical lines for formality found with the full length dress and pleats. The long curls and bouquet enhance the desired lines. The little flower girls dresses and baskets are perfect additions to green mosaic feel.

Bridesmaids Look

The groom will wear white and light champagne (not exactly to picture) to accent the bridal dress and the groomsmen will wear green with wool vests. Wing tips were also worn in the 1900s, though generally more bootlike, these were more practical. Plus, look at that ring bearer, nothing could be cuter!Groomsmen Look

The Lue Gardens in Orlando were chosen at the perfect backdrop the wedding.  The ceremony will take place in the rose garden among the fountains with a gorgeous vine backdrop. Urns of hostas will frame the aisle entrance along with edges of the bridal party. Ferns will line the aisle tied with white bows.

Ceremony Look

Following the ceremony, a cocktail hour will take place under the ancient oaks with butler passed horderves amidst a statue garden rented for the occasion. The couples obvious love art inspired them to share sculpture during this time. Plus the guest picture opportunities were priceless. The food during this time will also fit the design of the mosaic concepts and color palette. Rented statues will shape the cocktail area, giving the guests conversation pieces and photo ops while showing off the couples passion for art.

Cocktail Hour LookStatue Garden

The reception will take place the Camilla Room room on site. Small topiaries will adorn the tables needed for gifts, escort cards, the cake, and buffet.  Lavender scented candles in the centerpieces along with herb favors will fill the room the fresh scents. The birch table numbers will accent the shape of the candles beautifully. The flatware was selected with light gilding and perfectly, patterned plate . Menu cards will be tucked into the napkins with fresh rosemary. A champagne tower is the perfect era touch from the early 1900s.

Reception Look 2 Reception Look

As always, this is a collection of photographs taken from various places around the internet. This isn’t a real wedding. Until next week!

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