Ultimate Vendor Experience: Wedding Planner

Starting this week we will be exploring what you can do to enrich your experience with different types of wedding vendors. We will be going to the pros in Central Florida to discover what you need to know to get the best experience possible. Next week we will be hearing from a local videographer but this week we will talk about what you need to know about hiring a wedding planner.

First of all, it is never too early to bring in a wedding planner/designer. The earlier you bring in a planner, the more he or she can do for you. Wedding planners can see the big picture when looking for a venue or other wedding vendors. They can spot possible problems and also point out the potential a venue may have. Wedding planners can also help you set up realistic budget for you that will be most useful if funds haven’t already been spent. And of course, the earlier you bring in the wedding planner, the easier it will be for everyone to make your vision come true.

On the other hand, it is never too late to bring in a wedding planner either. Is it the week of the wedding and you find yourself overwhelmed and fear of the stress of the wedding day? A solid wedding planner will be able to come in a take over the basic coordination in a short amount of time. It is your big day, let us worry about the set up and timeline.


Communication is huge. Communicate regularly with your wedding planner. Most of the time, they are just a text, call, email away. Changing the location of ceremony, the date, the colors, the look, wedding vendors? Let the planner know immediately. Planners are here to support you, and when time is wasted using old information, no one wins. Planners want your wedding to be perfect in every way, if there are changes that we don’t know about, we can’t make everything go smoothly. If you don’t like a concept, detail, vendor, or risk, be open about it.  It’s okay to not to like something or have a different opinion. If you have questions, ask! Never be afraid to communicate with your planner openly.

Pink Peonies

The design process is much more than picking out pieces that you like. The reason that weddings look so good in magazines and blogs is that the weren’t just thrown to together with pieces that caught your eye on a stroll through Michael’s or a wedding board from Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest is helpful and it has it’s uses, but is not a one stop shop for designing your wedding. Let your planner enjoy the freedom to create around the venue and unique elements of the bride and groom.


Scheduling is something that you will become very familiar with as you go along in your wedding planning process. When setting appointments, whether it be the planner or the caterer, be on time. Not only is it respectful, it will also ensure that you get the best experience. If a professional doesn’t have enough time at a meeting to go through everything they wanted to cover, you may miss getting details or forget to tell them important information because of the rush. If you do find yourself running late, the professional know as soon as possible.

I hope you found this wedding planner’s confessional helpful and if you are interested in our services, head on over to our connect page!

Next week, John Cranman of Cranman Cinematography will bring us inside the world of videography. Join us again.

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