Ultimate Vendor Experience: Make Up Artist

Hello future brides!

I am Crystal Bailey from Bella Chic by Crystal makeup artistry studio. If you are reading this article this probably means it is time for the happiest day of your life and also the most stressful day as well! There are many components that come along with planning your wedding, from the caterers to the makeup. If you have not went out and got a wedding planner then every detail relies on your personal research.

When it comes to makeup artistry there are many aspects that need to be researched before choosing the perfect artist for your day. The first and most important detail is if you want airbrush makeup or traditional makeup. This decision will determine which makeup artist you will begin to research. Airbrush makeup has become tremendously popular in the past couple of years. This is largely due to perfect complexion models using this technique to become flawless for magazines. Most brides confuse “airbrush” with makeup, when it is actually a technique used in PhotoShop. Here are the pros and cons of both makeup applications. Airbrush pros are that it works with all ages and skin types. It’s completely sanitary because it’s sprayed on the skin using no brushes. It only takes a few seconds to apply, but the results are lasting. It gives a matte finish so it’s great for oily skin. If sprayed correctly and not heavily, it looks so natural you wouldn’t be able to tell the bride has makeup on. Airbrush cons are if you have acne scarring, age spots, deep wrinkles, the spray must be applied very lightly in order to not crack, this process in turn does not give full coverage to cover all the blemishes. Because airbrush makeup requires big, bulky equipment, you can’t just carry it around with you when you need a touch up making touch ups impossible. Pros of traditional makeup are that it is long lasting, lower cost than airbrush makeup and contains spf to protect the skin from sun exposure. It also has great coverage for any age clients who may be suffering from acne, acne scarring, dark circles and sun burned skin. Traditional makeup cons are that it requires touching up throughout the day, it can easily rub off and can feel heavier than airbrush makeup.

Every bride has her personal preference on which type of makeup application to choose. Once you make your choice then it’s very important that you research the makeup artist that you are potentially interested in using. Look through their portfolio and see if their style of makeup artistry matches your personality. A couple red flags to look out for when choosing a makeup artist is if they do not have business page or website attached to their name, if the artist’s communication with the bride is few and far in between, if the artist is not licensed or if their prices are extremely low. Any of these signs may be a potential wedding day disaster for you. Its not always the best to go with someone who is the cheapest if the quality of artistry is not good. Let’s never forget brides that this is the most important day of your life!

Pricing for makeup artists in Brevard County normally range from  $50.00 to $120.00 for brides and $35.00 to $65.00 for bridesmaids. If you are quoted anything significantly higher or lower than those prices than I suggest you shop around for either a better makeup artist or a makeup artist that is reasonably priced. After finding a price that suits your budget make sure to ask the artist questions. I have heard several horror stories from brides simply because their lack of asking questions. Ask the makeup artist: Is there a travel or onsite fee? Does he or she supply all the makeup? How much do I need as a deposit? Is there a contract involved? Where will the trial take place? What type of makeup products do you use? All these questions are very important and will determine if the makeup artist is a good fit for you and ensure that there are no surprises!

While on your bridal trial remember that the makeup artist is there to service you! Do not walk out of that bridal trial without exactly what you want. If it takes three hours, the makeup artist should not mind and should continue to please you and make sure it is right. I have done a couple bridal trials twice due to the bride not speaking up for herself. It is very important that if you are not happy with something then you need to have the makeup artist fix it. Although there are times when there is nothing the makeup artist can do to give the bride what they want (in those cases I suggest seeking out a makeup artist who can better assist you) I suggest letting them know exactly what you want until they get it right. Also, brides to make the trial easier both on yourself and the makeup artist please have an array of photos that you can show the makeup artist. It is very important that we see inspiration so that we know your vision.

Now that you have fell in love with your makeup artist and your wedding day look I suggest putting down your deposit immediately. Most makeup artists including myself will only hold your wedding date if you signed a contract and placed a deposit down. Many brides think that they can wait until the last minute to book a makeup artist and the date will be available. Myself and other reputable makeup artists book weddings a year in advance so it’s very important to secure that day as soon as possible.

I hope that I have been informative to all the brides out there! Remember this is the most important day of your life so never stop researching and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Good luck on your wedding day!

Crystal Bailey Owner/Aesthetician of Bella Chic by Crystal



Thank you so much Crystal! You really helped us get a handle on the situation. And thank you, Elegant Moments Photography for letting us use your image.
Next week we have Devyn from SewDevyn to talk to us about fashion!

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