Rentals: Deconstructed Centepiece

Welcome to a new series! This series is going to spot light looks you can create from our rentals. All the “hardware” is going to be from our inventory. Looks may include “software” as well. “Software” are items that are not reusable such as fresh flowers, bubbles, candy, ect. Each look will come with a recipe with all hardware and software requirements.


Hardware- Vintage Bottle Collection: three tall bottles, three medium bottles, six small bottles
Software-  Publix Flowers 2 small bouquets, $8 and three carnations, $1.50


The idea behind this centerpiece is Biedermeier deconstruction. Each type of flower is in a different tiers are arranged in focal order.

You can see the loose Biedermeier element in this photograph.

20151127_185735 (1)

So after you cut the flowers to proportional height. And arrange the vases in the center of the table with the three tallest ones in the center. The three medium bottles should closely ring the the tall bottles. The six shortest bottles should be evenly spaced around the center cluster.

The end result is a touch austere and lovely!


If I could change one thing it would be that there were two carnations per vase. Sadly I only had three white carnations when putting this together on Thanksgiving and was unable to run out and get more.

So tell me what you think! Do you like the this take on popular idea of collections on the table? Would you like to see this in something besides a monochromatic color scheme?

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