Custom Chalkboard Seating Chart

Today I am taking on the world of chalkboard art. To prepare for this task I have gather some chalk board paint, black canvas, sponge applicator, and some stencils. I also have two lazy assistants, Sadie and Ace. Lazy assistants optional.


According to the directions, you need two coats of chalkboard paint one hour apart. They suggest a 24 hour cure time. Here I am painting a small canvas.


I also acquired some spray adhesive to see if the stencil would work better. It did work better but not good enough. I am convinced thin plastic stencils aren’t very good.  You can see for yourself.


So I felt a little stuck. I am not a very good painter but I didn’t want to give up. So I thought maybe stickers? But a Google search of floral stickers didn’t impress me. So what to do…..

I was settling on chalk but then I heard about chalk pens. So of course I had to investigate that. They appeared magical and they might even work with my stencils.  Now to find them!

Chalk Pens


I ended up free handing it with the chalk board pens. Here is the final result!


One thought on “Custom Chalkboard Seating Chart

  1. I’m also not far from embarking on my own chalk paint project so I really appreciate these tips. You’ve also inspired me to consider something like this for a bridal shower I’m hosting. Hopefully my lazy assistants are up for the challenge! 😊

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