Rentals: Christmas Centerpiece

Ready to get in the Christmas spirit? Me too!! Well I’ve been in the Christmas spirit since the beginning of the month: gift buying, baking cookies, finding a tree, decorating, and of course wrapping presents.

Today we are going to go over a super simple Christmas style centerpiece. With supplies from the rental inventory, we can make two of the these pieces. These centerpieces are great for your Christmas dinner with family.


Hardware: 1 red charger, 1 hurricane shade, 1 glass tea votive, 1 green pillar candle, and 1 small berry wreath.


All you have to is set the tea votive holder on top of the charger. Set the green pillar candle on top of the votive holder and put the wreath around the candle. You will have to fluff the wreath and pull the berry strands out. Then simply top the the whole thing with the hurricane shade. The hurricane shade fits nicely between the wreath and the pillar candle.

20151213_092941 (1)20151213_092829 (1)

There you have it! A simple, yet whimsical Christmas decoration. Leave you comments below and let me know what you think.

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