Cheerful Park Themed Bridal Shower

Throwback Thursday is bringing you a bridal shower that I did a few years ago. This was a budget piece that was bursting with flair. The idea was to create a duck pond feel in high spring. Because this was a bridal shower this translated literally for the bride’s taste. 

Here is my inspiration board:

I created a mock up of a shadow box, designed an invite, brainstormed food ideas and tied everything together with a concept and color palette. This is the design that we decided to create.

It’s kind of hard to see because of the flash (sorry). But there is a basket cake in the upper left corner, duck cupcakes, the palette, the favor idea, some notes….ect. The large piece in the lower right corner is the sample invite. In the lower left corner there is a 3D shadow box as an idea for a guestbook. 

So how did everything turn out? Let’s take a look.

The board on the right is tissue paper flowers (think flower bed) that is simply a white foam board modgepodged over with green tissue paper. I hot glued the 35 paper flowers on in rows with a pattern on the diagonal. I made two of these boards as back drops. The total cost of this project (two boards) is about $8.00. Without the modpodge because I already had that. One of the great things about this is I didn’t use all the colors of the tissue paper in the pack so I will still have the red and green for Christmas presents and the blue for whatever else I need.

The image on the left is a paper lantern with a burst of butterflies. The butterflies are hot glued to fishing line. I re-purposed an over the door decoration from the Oriental Trading Co. I made four of these pieces for a total of $12.00, including the piece from Oriental Trading Co.

Here’s a close up of the texture the paper flowers bring. I find tissue paper flowers very pretty.

For favors, we were inspired by this design from the Oriental Trading Co but I stripped it down and recrafted the assembly.


The gift table was a simple yellow table cloth with a hand crafted blue flower garden. The garland was made from fishing line and blue scrapbooking flowers.

I had nothing to do with the actual making of the cupcakes. But these little guys were so cute. This is our groom complete with brown eyes and bowtie. And this is our lovely bride complete with blue eyes, blonde eye lashes, and a pink hair bow.

This was one of our game stations where guests had to guess the ages of the bride and groom.
Here are some more of the details  from the shower:

These two pictures are the fish centerpieces, through somehow most of the fish managed to hide behind the ribbon for the picture. Camera shy, I’m afraid. The other is the shadow box decoration. The flowers and butterfly can be reused in a keepsake.

This is how the pond of ducks turned out. The picture doesn’t do it justice! The cupcake design and assembly came out of a specialty book. 

Here we used the flower beds and hanging decorations to create a photo op. This was not the original set up for these, it was in front of a garden bench with the greenery back ground but the rain forced us to move inside.

Well that about covers it. This posting was retouched and reused from my dormant blog, Chronicles of my Married Life.

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