Rentals: Christmas Breakfast Decor

This year I am going to have a breakfast for my dad’s side of the family. I wanted it to be a festive area so I broke out the rentals and added some cheer.

Hardware: 1 bag red gems,  1 bag of pine cone mix, 1 medium apothecary jar, 1 small berry wreath, 1 red table runner
Software: 2 pillar candles


The first part is setting up the apothecary jar open it up and gently pour in the red gems. Then pour in your pine cone mix. Mine has red balls and cinnamon sticks. Yummy!


For the buffet table, I did not center the table runner, I moved it to the back third. I set the small wreath in the middle of the runner and centered horizontally. I placed a pillar candle on each side of the wreath. Then I place the apothecary jar in the wreath.

Here you go:



Sorry I changed to a green table runner last minute!!!  This piece pairs nicely with the hurricane shade decor piece from last week.

Merry Christmas everyone!! May your table be filled with love.

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